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Center for Science and Technology
Across the street from CST

Address: CST 1-043 (Lab) | 2-043 (Lab) | 2-050 (PI Office) | 2-052 (Group Office)

Join Us

Postdoctoral applicants should send a short cover letter, a CV (including a list of publications), and a copy of 1-2 representative first-author publications to Xiaoran.

Admitted graduate students at Syracuse University should feel free to contact Xiaoran. Prospective graduate students should apply to one of Syracuse's graduate programs (e.g., Chemistry, Biomedical & Chemical Engineering) and should also feel free to email Xiaoran with any inquiries (prospective graduate students should include a copy of their undergraduate transcripts).

Undergraduate students from all related majors are also welcome to contact Xiaoran. It is recommended to complete at least one semester of organic chemistry or have an equivalent knowledge base in organic before joining the lab.

Interested applicants are welcome to contact any lab member to learn more about the Hu Group.

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